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-ail, all, an, ape, as, at, ate, ill, in, is, it
hhail, hall, has, haste, hat, hate, hill, hint, hip, his, hit
llane, lap, lass, last, late, line, lint, lip, list, lit
nnail, nap, nape, nine
ppail, pain, pal, pale, pan, pane, pass, past, paste, pat, pill, pin, pine, pit
plplain, plan, plane, plate
ssail, sap, sat, sip, sit
shshape, shin, shine, ship
slslap, slip, slit
snsnail, snap, snip
spspat, spill, spin, spine, spit
ststain, stale, stall, state, still
ttail, tale, tall, tap, tape, taste, tin, tip
ththan, that, this

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